1WorldVoice.com is your global live feed for what's happening in your area.

We do not work like other social networks by data-raping your user info and selling it like other sites. 1WorldVoice.com is created and made as a global social networking site that promotes Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Thought, And Freedom Of Expression. Please refer to our Terms Of Service for Proper Protocol when communicating on 1WorldVoice.com. As Always - Use your Best Discretions and Most Proper Conduct!

Everyone is welcome to our site and we hope you enjoy it. Should you have any problems with postings or users please refer to our TOS on how to report these situations. Most easily you can report a post directly from your user settings within your dashboard. We will most expeditiously research the issues and if any violations are found, we will rapidly deal with the offender/offenders..

1WorldVoice.com Is An App-less Application! Download To Your Home Screen Now!

We employ an app-less APP so that we Never allow anyone to know your business, except for what you share publicly. Your social networking is your personal info and we simply do not believe in making you subject to Big Tech protocol. When you use 1WorldVoice.com you can safely navigate and chat, join groups, and Pop the feed with whatever you want to share with the world. Just a Quick FYI - Freedom of Speech Does Not Mean That You Have Total Autonomous Freedom To Say Harmful Words Or Use Harmful Expressions That Would Otherwise Be Considered Bullying, Intimidating, or Scarry. Please Refer To Our TOS for Proper Protocol When Using A Freedom Network Like 1WorldVoice.com. It's Rather Quite Simple - Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Do No Harm. Speak No Harm, So Users Will See No Harm."

1WorldVoice.com is owned and operated within the United States, and is open globally where allowed by US Law.

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