Judge Says Washington’s Restrictions On Gun Magazine Capacity Are Unconstitutional

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Harris County over 'unconstitutional' program

Judge Finds Washington State 'High Capacity' Magazine Ban Unconstitutional

District Judge: Gun Ban For Illegal Immigrant Unconstitutional

Japan's ban on same-sex marriage found ‘unconstitutional’ for second time by courts

Ninth Circuit Denies Request to Rehear Panel Decision, Lets Stand Ruling That Gun Ads Ban Is 'Likely Unconstitutional'

Germany's top court denies funding for far-right party after ruling ideology unconstitutional

Federal judge rules it unconstitutional to ban guns from post offices

Jack Smith's Special Counsel Appointment Is Unconstitutional, Former Attorney General Tells Supreme Court

Exclusive -- Ramaswamy: Eminent Domain for CO2 Pipelines in Iowa ‘Arguably Unconstitutional’

Panama's high court declares mining contract unconstitutional. Here is what happens next

Montana drag ban challenged as coalition seeks federal judge's declaration of unconstitutionality

Panamanian high court rules 20-year contract for controversial copper mine unconstitutional

Court rejects Pennsylvania township's ban of 'Thin Blue Line' flag as unconstitutional

FNC's Turley: Trump Gag Order 'Unconstitutional'

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