Colorado House Democrats Pass Bill Banning AR-15s and 9mm Pistols with Threaded Barrels

Nigeria Marks 10 Years Since Boko Haram Chibok Kidnappings: 91 Girls Still Missing, 'Little Has Changed'

U.S. CENTCOM Concludes 2021 Kabul Airport Bombing Was 'Not Preventable'

Tax Day: Illegal Immigration Costs American Taxpayers over $150 Billion

Here’s What Happened During Day 1 Of Trump’s Hush Money Trial

Boy, 15, arrested after bishop stabbed in Sydney

Rust film armourer sentenced to 18 months in prison

Biden Campaign To Hire DEI Director With Up To $120k Salary

17 Macedonian police officers charged with helping prisoners escape

13-year-old girl fatally shot in Iowa, 12-year-old boy in custody

19 Pomona College Students Arrested After Pro-Palestinian Protests

1 dead, 9 injured in Arkansas block party shooting

World donors pledge $2.1 billion in aid for war-stricken Sudan to ward off famine

Sudden heavy rains in Oman kill at least 17 including schoolchildren whose bus was overtaken

Paris prepares for 100-day countdown to Olympics, aiming to reignite passion for the Games

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