Court Set To Hear Arguments Over Release Of Covenant Shooter’s Manifesto. Here’s What You Need To Know

Woman Involved In Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Shooting Sentenced

Biden Declines Invite To Testify For Impeachment Inquiry

Speaker Johnson Proposes Separate Bills on Israel And Ukraine Aid

House Overcomes Final Hurdle To Send FISA Reauthorization Bill To Senate

DHS Investigative Unit Scrubs ICE Connection So Sanctuary Cities Might Cooperate

Iran, Israel ‘Have Our Destiny Intertwined’: Iran’s Exiled Crown Prince Blasts Biden For Appeasing Iranian Regime

CBS Trashed For Cutting To Local News During Iconic Billy Joel Performance

Supreme Court Allows Idaho Law Protecting Children From Transgender Procedures To Go Into Effect

Here’s What Happened During Day 1 Of Trump’s Hush Money Trial

CNN Axes Charles Barkley, Gayle King Show

Iran Attacks Israel Because Biden Fed The Alligator. Trump Would Have Crushed It.

Kate Couric Balks At Bill Maher’s Recap Of Trump ‘Killing It’ On CNN Town Hall: ‘The Audience Loved It’

Biden Campaign To Hire DEI Director With Up To $120k Salary

House Republicans Prep Slate Of Sanctions On Iran After Attack On Israel

Fox Reporter: White House Might Want To ‘Beef Up’ Iran Policy Beyond ‘Don’t’

Leftist Activist Threatens To Murder Government Officials, Immediately Regrets It

‘Completely Harmless’: Maren Morris Defends Taking Her Toddler To Drag Show

‘Things Spun Wildly Out Of Hand’: Chaos At Brussels Premiere Of Kristen Stewart’s New Lesbian Movie

Fox News Anchor Grills John Kirby: ‘Can You Argue That American Strength And Persuasion Is Better Today?’

Where All The Trump Cases Stand As Hush-Money Trial Begins

Country Star Jelly Roll Said He Lost Around 70 Pounds Training For 5K: ‘I Feel Really Good’

Cruz Blasts Biden: Iran’s Missiles And Drones ‘Were Paid For’ By Biden Admin

Buying Child Sex Is Only A Misdemeanor In California. This Bill Would Change That.

‘You Distorted The Story To Make The Islamic Republic The Victim’: Iranian Attorney Blasts Iran Sympathizers In Viral Video

Saudi Arabia Publicly Acknowledges Defending Israel From Iranian Attacks: Reports

‘Ted Lasso’ Actress Berates Photographer Who Asked Her To Show Leg: ‘Don’t Be A D***’

4 People Arrested In Connection To 2 Missing Kansas Moms, 2 Unidentified Bodies Found

Police Officer And Sheriff’s Deputy Shot And Killed In Upstate New York

Jill Duggar And Husband Reveal Their 4th Child Was Stillborn: ‘Much Loved From The Start’

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