Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why Does Not Have Apps On IOS and Android Stores?

A. maintains strict privacy rules for its entire organization and by doing so we eliminate any middlemen or corporate big tech monopolies from data scraping or data raping your personal data, and therefore we also eliminate any possibility of being bound by any 3rd party terms from the app stores like Apple or Android / Google.

Q. How Do I Add’s App ICON To My Home Screen So It’s A Super Fast Login?

A. You Can Add to your home screen by simply pressing the share icon on your phone and clicking “Add To Home Screen” – On an iPhone you will see it as a square at the bottom of your browser with an up arrow just above it – and when you click it – it will give you options – just click on the option to ADD TO HOME SCREEN. ENJOY! .

Q. How Old Do I Have To Be To use View-Pop?

A. You must be at least 13 years old to use View-Pop or if you are younger, you must have your parents’ consent. And remember – if you are a young person – NEVER EVER Share your personal information with anyone who you DO NOT KNOW on .

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