The girl who can’t smile: How a rare disorder became a young woman's ‘greatest gift’

New York Times Reporter Maggie Haberman: Donald Trump 'Appears to Doze Off' During New York Trial

White House on Iran Striking Despite U.S. Saying Not To: 'Another Way of Looking at This Is, They Didn't' Succeed

'Colossal' floods heading for Russian city

Copenhagen's historic stock exchange in flames

Sydney church stabbing was a 'terrorist' attack, police say

Iran's attack on Israel shines spotlight on Tehran's advancing nuclear weapons program

Bodies of 3-year-old girl and her mother recovered after deadly Indonesia landslide

Houston IRS office forced to close early after fight breaks out: 'I ain’t doing no playing'

Colorado county sues state government over sanctuary immigration policies: 'Quality of life comes first'

Nigeria Marks 10 Years Since Boko Haram Chibok Kidnappings: 91 Girls Still Missing, 'Little Has Changed'

'America's Worst Mayor': Illinois Democrat Accused of Covering Up Sexual Assault, Firing Victim

San Diego to Receive Additional $39 Million for Illegal Immigrants

U.S. CENTCOM Concludes 2021 Kabul Airport Bombing Was 'Not Preventable'

Exclusive: Jim Banks Introduces 'American Students First Act' to Stop Joe Biden from Expanding College Prep Programs to Illegal Aliens

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